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LMS Locomotive at Bolton
LSWR Railway Clock by John Walker
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Simon Turner The British Railway Clock Specialist, Welcomes you to Railway Clocks.net

My website gives up to date information on all aspects of British Railway clocks, including advice on collecting, restoring, buying and selling genuine British railway clocks.

The railways of Britain used mainly English dial fusee wall mounted clocks but also purchased many different types, these included mantle clocks, French brass cased drum clocks, industrial style wall mounted regulator clock's and even clocks from Germany and the USA.

If you would like to see the diversity of different Styles of Railway clocks used by the British Railway companies please have a look at my clocks page and also the for sale page, I have included many pictures of clocks that I have managed to collect and also a page dedicated to Fakes and reproductions ! I hope you enjoy sharing my passion with you.

Railway Clock research and appraisal.

In my custody is one of the most extensive archives of British Railway clock records that exist mainly covering clocks of the Southern railway and London & North Eastern railway. These have been painstakingly formatted into a modern database and can be sent by email as a certified copy in pdf or Jpg file formats, for this there is a small charge of £12 per record.

These records will enhance the history and value of your clock.

I can research clocks for a given station and send you a list of railway clocks in use there, this carries a charge of £20.

This service offers you all the information that survives relating to your British railway clock.

Railway Time.

Check out the History page for more.

What was railway Time ?

In The years before 1840 there wereLondon and North Western Railway Early Guards Timepiece circa 1840. different local times in use all over the United Kingdom, but in November 1840 the Great Western Railway first adopted Railway Time thus enabling a number of different local times to be synchronised and a single standard time applied. This practice soon caught on and over the next few years was adopted by all of the other railway companies in Great Britain. If you would like to know more then go to my History page.


Services I can offer

Help and advice.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I will try to help.

Forgeries and Reproductions

Watch out there's a faker about ! Check my Fakes page for the latest information on forged railway clocks.

Is this clock a Forgery ? click on it to go to my fakes page.

Great Eastern Railway forged Railway clock.

Forgeries & Reproductions


This 19th century railway clock spent 30 years in a damp garden shed and nearly was thrown away ! see my repairs page to see how this clock expertly conserved and restored by me. Similar commissions undertaken, feel free to contact me for a free no obligation quotation.

London Brighton and South Coast Railway clock as found after 30 years in a damp shed.

Restoration & Conservation

For Sale

Check out my for sale page there are usually over 20 clocks listed for sale and I carry around 40 in stock at any one time. All Genuine and guaranteed  available from many pre grouping railway companies including the Midland, Great Northern, North Eastern, South Eastern, Great Eastern and also post grouping examples from the Southern railway and later British railways.

London Midland and scottish railway clock currently for sale


For Sale