Railway Clocks Telephone Number

British Railway Clock Research.

Would you like to know more about the history of your railway clock ? if so please feel free to contact me, I can send via email a modern copy of your clock's railway service information, even if I haven't got the recorded information on your clock  I can accurately date it if you send me some images, this service costs £12 per record and can be paid via paypal or by writing to me.

Railway Clock Records.

If I have the relevant clock record information for your clock I am happy to email this to you as a JPG or PDF, this service costs £12 per record.

This is an image of the Southern Railway clock record for London Brighton and South Coast Railway Clock number 45B.

My database allows searching at the touch of a button and a hard copy can be emailed to you in either pdf or jpeg format.

Railway Clock record LBSCR 45B